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Ark How to Get Wool or Pet Hair

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An image depicting a player in Ark skillfully using shears to collect soft wool from a docile sheep or gently brushing a friendly pet to obtain their luxurious fur

Hey there! Ever wondered how to get your hands on some cozy wool or pet hair in Ark? Well, look no further because I’ve got all the tips and tricks you need!

From gathering wool straight from sheep to harvesting it from Ovis, and even collecting pet hair from tamed creatures, I’ll guide you through every step.

So grab your shears and get ready to become a wool and pet hair expert in no time.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Shearing sheep or using grooming tools on tamed creatures is the primary method of obtaining wool or pet hair.
  • Spinning the raw wool into thread using a Spinning Wheel allows for crafting a wide range of items and promotes self-sufficiency in Ark.
  • Breeding and raising creatures is crucial for a sustainable source of wool or pet hair, and selecting and breeding creatures with high yield is recommended.
  • Exploring different biomes for wild creatures that produce wool or pet hair is important for obtaining these resources.

Gathering Wool From Sheep

I can easily gather wool from sheep by using shears to cut it off their backs. Sheep shearing techniques have been developed over centuries to ensure the safety and comfort of both the sheep and the shearer.

Before starting the shearing process, it’s important to secure the sheep in a comfortable position, either by placing them in a shearing stand or by gently restraining them on their side. This allows easy access to their wool and minimizes any potential stress or harm.

The shearing process involves carefully cutting the wool close to the sheep’s skin, taking care not to nick or injure the animal. The sheared wool can then be collected, sorted, and processed to be used for various purposes.

However, it’s worth noting that there are alternative sources of wool available, such as alpaca, llama, or even pet hair, which can be used as a sustainable and eco-friendly option for obtaining wool.

Harvesting Wool From Ovis

After shearing, Ovis provides a valuable source of material for crafting various items in the game. However, simply shearing Ovis is not enough to obtain wool in Ark. To obtain wool, you need to take the additional step of spinning the raw wool into thread. This process allows you to craft a wide range of items, including clothing, armor, and decorative items. To spin wool into thread, you will need a Spinning Wheel, which can be crafted using various resources such as wood, thatch, and fiber. Once you have the Spinning Wheel, place the raw wool in its inventory and activate the machine. After a short period of time, the raw wool will be transformed into thread, ready for use in your crafting projects.

To ensure a sustainable source of wool, consider raising and breeding Ovis. By taming and breeding these creatures, you can create a thriving population of Ovis on your Ark. This allows you to regularly harvest their wool without depleting the population. To breed Ovis, you will need a male and a female. Place them in a suitable enclosure and provide them with food such as berries or vegetables. Over time, the female Ovis will become pregnant and eventually give birth to a baby lamb. By carefully managing your Ovis population and ensuring they have enough food and space, you can create a sustainable source of wool for all your crafting needs in Ark.

Benefits of Spinning Wool into Thread Benefits of Raising and Breeding Ovis
Allows you to craft a wide range of items Creates a sustainable source of wool
Increases your options for customization Ensures a steady supply of wool
Provides a valuable resource for trade Can be used for trading with other players
Enhances the overall gameplay experience Promotes self-sufficiency in Ark

Collecting Pet Hair From Tamed Creatures

To efficiently collect hair from my tamed creatures, I can use a specialized grooming tool. By using grooming tools on my tamed creatures, I can maximize wool production and collect valuable resources.

Grooming not only keeps the creatures clean and healthy, but it also promotes the growth of their hair. Regular grooming helps to remove any loose or matted hair, preventing it from becoming tangled and reducing the overall quality of the wool.

Additionally, by implementing breeding strategies, I can further enhance wool production. Breeding creatures with desirable traits, such as a thick and luxurious coat, can lead to offspring with even better wool quality.

Using Shears to Obtain Wool or Pet Hair

Using shears on my tamed creatures is a quick and effective way to obtain valuable resources. Here are some alternative methods for obtaining wool in Ark and crafting useful items with wool or pet hair:

  1. Shearing Sheep: Sheep are the most common source of wool in Ark. By using shears on them, you can gather a significant amount of wool without harming the sheep.

  2. Collecting Pet Hair: Some tamed creatures, such as the Direwolf or Sabertooth, have fur that can be harvested with shears. This pet hair can be used as a substitute for wool in crafting recipes.

  3. Crafting Wool Clothing: Wool can be used to craft various useful items, such as fur armor and woolly hats. These items provide insulation and protection against the elements, making them essential for surviving in harsh environments.

  4. Making Decorative Items: Wool can also be used to create decorative items like paintings or tapestries. These can be used to enhance the aesthetics of your base or to showcase your artistic skills in the game.

Tips for Efficiently Obtaining Wool or Pet Hair in Ark

By shearing my tamed creatures, I can efficiently gather valuable resources such as wool or pet hair in Ark. However, there are alternative sources for obtaining these materials that can help maximize production.

One strategy is to explore the world and search for wild creatures that naturally produce wool or pet hair. These creatures can be found in various biomes, such as the snowy regions where you can find sheep or the forests where you can find wolves or other furry animals.

Another strategy is to breed and raise your own creatures specifically for wool or pet hair production. By carefully selecting and breeding creatures with high wool or hair yield, you can create a sustainable source of these resources.

Additionally, using special taming techniques, such as using a custom feeding trough or providing extra care for your tamed creatures, can also increase their wool or pet hair production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Gather Wool From Any Other Animals Besides Sheep and Ovis?

Yes, there are alternatives to sheep for gathering wool in Ark. While sheep and Ovis are the most common sources, you can also obtain wool or pet hair from certain creatures like Equus and Direwolf.

Are There Any Specific Creatures That Yield More Pet Hair Than Others?

Some creatures are like treasure troves, yielding abundant pet hair. To find them, explore the best locations where they roam freely. Tamed creatures can be your trusty allies in efficiently gathering that precious pet hair.

How Long Does It Take for Wool to Regrow on Sheep or Ovis?

To speed up wool regrowth on sheep or Ovis in Ark, you’ll need to feed them with Sweet Vegetable Cake. As for the quality of shears, it doesn’t affect wool yield.

Can You Use Any Type of Shears to Obtain Wool or Pet Hair?

Yes, you can use different types of shears to obtain wool or pet hair in Ark. Scissors are not as effective as shears, as they may not yield as much material.

Are There Any Specific Strategies or Techniques to Maximize the Efficiency of Gathering Wool or Pet Hair in Ark?

To maximize wool and pet hair collection in Ark, I’ve developed efficient strategies. By utilizing specialized shears and focusing on high-yield areas, like dense forests or areas with abundant pets, I can gather the most resources in the shortest time.


In conclusion, gathering wool or pet hair in Ark can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

With the right tools and techniques, players can obtain these valuable resources from sheep, Ovis, or tamed creatures.

Whether using shears or simply collecting shed hair, players can ensure a steady supply of wool or pet hair for various crafting purposes.

So, venture out into the wild and embark on this thrilling quest for material abundance in Ark.