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How to Stop Pet Hair in Washing Machine

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An image showing a washing machine with a tangled mess of pet hair stuck to the inside drum, while a hand reaches in, armed with a lint roller, ready to stop the furry invasion

I’ve been there. Opening up the washing machine only to find it covered in pet hair. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and just plain gross.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’m going to share my tried and true methods for stopping pet hair in the washing machine.

From preparing your laundry to using preventive measures, I’ll guide you through the steps to ensure a hair-free washing machine.

Say goodbye to those pesky pet hairs once and for all.

Key Takeaways

  • Removing excess pet hair from clothes before washing is crucial.
  • Using effective methods to remove pet hair from clothes before washing.
  • Regularly cleaning the lint trap and filter of the washing machine.
  • Taking preventive measures to minimize pet hair in the washing machine.

Understanding the Problem of Pet Hair in the Washing Machine

I understand the frustration of dealing with pet hair in the washing machine. It seems like no matter how many times you clean out the lint trap, those pesky pet hairs always find their way onto your freshly washed clothes.

There are a few common causes of pet hair in the washing machine. One is that your furry friend may have jumped into the laundry basket or laid on top of your clothes before you put them in the machine. Another cause could be that you didn’t remove all the pet hair from your clothes before washing them.

The impact of pet hair in the washing machine on clothing quality isn’t ideal. It can leave your clothes looking messy and covered in hair, making them appear dirty even after a wash.

To combat this issue, it’s important to prepare your laundry for pet hair removal.

Preparing Your Laundry for Pet Hair Removal

Before starting the laundry, make sure to remove any excess pet hair from your clothes by using a lint roller or a sticky tape.

As someone who’s dealt with pet hair on my clothes countless times, I’ve learned a few tips for effective pet hair removal. Here are some of the best pet hair removers and tips that I’ve found:

  • Use a damp rubber glove: Simply dampen a rubber glove and run your hand over the fabric to collect the pet hair.

  • Utilize a dryer sheet: Rub a dryer sheet over your clothes to help loosen and remove the pet hair.

  • Invest in a pet hair remover tool: There are various pet hair remover tools available in the market, such as brushes and sponges, specifically designed to remove pet hair from clothing.

Using Preventive Measures to Minimize Pet Hair in the Washing Machine

To minimize the amount of pet hair in my freshly washed laundry, I regularly clean the lint trap in my dryer and use a fabric softener sheet during the drying cycle. However, despite these preventive measures, sometimes pet hair still manages to find its way into the washing machine.

In such cases, there are a few pet hair removal products that can come to the rescue. One effective product is a pet hair remover brush or roller, which can quickly and easily remove pet hair from clothing and fabrics. Another option is to use a pet hair removal glove, which allows you to gently swipe away pet hair from your laundry.

If the pet hair problem persists, it might be worth considering professional cleaning services that specialize in pet hair removal. These services have specialized equipment and techniques to effectively remove pet hair from your laundry, ensuring that your clothes come out clean and hair-free.

Effective Cleaning Methods for Removing Pet Hair From the Washing Machine

One effective method for removing pet hair from the washing machine is by using a lint roller or brush specifically designed for this purpose. These tools are designed to easily pick up and remove pet hair from the surfaces of the machine.

Additionally, there are other techniques you can try to effectively clean your washing machine and prevent future pet hair buildup:

  • Run an empty cycle with hot water and a cup of white vinegar to remove any remaining pet hair and eliminate odors.
  • Use a fabric softener sheet in the dryer to help loosen and collect pet hair from clothing.
  • Regularly clean the lint trap and filter of your washing machine to prevent pet hair from clogging the drainage system.

By following these laundry machine maintenance and pet hair removal techniques, you can ensure a clean and hair-free washing machine.

Now, let’s move on to maintenance tips to prevent future pet hair buildup in the washing machine.

Maintenance Tips to Prevent Future Pet Hair Buildup in the Washing Machine

I can easily prevent future buildup of pet hair in my washing machine by regularly cleaning the lint trap and filter.

Pet hair can be a common nuisance in washing machines, causing clogs and reducing the machine’s efficiency. One of the main causes of pet hair buildup isn’t properly removing loose hairs from clothes before washing them.

These loose hairs can easily get trapped in the machine’s filter and lint trap, leading to clogs and poor performance. To prevent this, it’s important to thoroughly shake off and brush your clothes before putting them in the washing machine.

Additionally, using a lint roller or a fabric softener sheet in the dryer can help remove any remaining pet hair. Taking these simple but effective steps will ensure that your washing machine remains free from pet hair clogs and continues to work efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Regular Detergent to Remove Pet Hair From My Washing Machine?

Yes, regular detergent alone may not effectively remove pet hair from your washing machine. I’ve found that using vinegar as a natural pet hair remover and cleaning the dryer filter thoroughly helps prevent it from accumulating in the machine.

How Often Should I Clean My Washing Machine to Prevent Pet Hair Buildup?

I clean my washing machine every few months to prevent pet hair buildup. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning recommendations. Regular maintenance and using a lint trap can also help reduce pet hair in the machine.

Can I Use Fabric Softener Sheets to Reduce Pet Hair in the Washing Machine?

Sure, using fabric softener sheets in the washing machine won’t really help reduce pet hair. Instead, try using dryer balls, which can help loosen and remove pet hair from your clothes. Alternatively, there are other methods to remove pet hair from the washing machine.

Are There Any Specific Washing Machine Settings That Are More Effective in Removing Pet Hair?

I’ve found that adjusting the washing machine settings can help remove pet hair from clothes. By using a higher spin speed and longer wash cycle, I’ve been able to reduce pet hair on my clothes. Additionally, regular washing machine maintenance and trying alternative methods can also be effective.

What Should I Do if I Accidentally Wash a Load of Laundry With Pet Hair in the Washing Machine?

If I accidentally wash laundry with pet hair, I panic. But there’s hope! To remove pet hair from clothes after washing, use a lint roller or dryer sheets. Prevent future mishaps by brushing pets regularly and using a lint trap.


In conclusion, by implementing preventive measures and using effective cleaning methods, you can easily tackle the problem of pet hair in your washing machine.

By understanding the issue and taking necessary steps, such as using lint rollers or dryer sheets, you can minimize pet hair buildup and ensure clean laundry.

Regular maintenance is also crucial to prevent future pet hair accumulation. With these techniques, your washing machine will remain hair-free and your laundry will be fresh and fur-free.